Parents - New Kids Category in iOS 7 App Store


Well am sure most of you are enjoying iOS 7 as you couldn’t wait for that wait a week suggestion I gave the other day. No worries if you couldn’t hopefully you have not lost any app functionality in the process of your upgrade.

So as a parent I always struggle to find great age appropriate apps for my children in the Apple App Store. Well those days seem to be over with iOS 7. Apple have updated their App Store with a new Category Kids. This give you the parent a much simpler view of apps available for your children while also giving you a quick and easy way to choose age appropriate games.

Apple also has strengthened its App Review Guidelines to require greater protection of children under 13 years and to clamp down on gambling apps that involve real money.

Some of the changes were required in order to comply with tougher requirements in the newly-expanded Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which prohibits apps from collecting personal data from children under 13 without ‘verifiable parental consent.’ Personal data initially meant name, address, phone numbers, email address and present location, but has now been expanded to include photos, video and audio. Apple has, however, gone further …

Apps aimed at children must contain a privacy policy, cannot tailor advertising to in-app activity and must not contain links to content outside the app or allow children to make purchases without verified parental consent.


Gambling apps that involve real money must be free to download and cannot offer the option to purchase credits or currency within the app. In other words, licensed gambling operations can offer supporting apps, but no-one else can create an app designed to allow gambling with real money.

I welcome these changes and strongly urge parents to rather use this category to find apps for their children than to go down the games category route. As the games category route will not have the above review guidelines imposed on them.

Happy playing….

I just love Pogoplug


So today my favorite cloud service has finally updated their iOS app. But before I go into the updated. Let me explain why I use Pogoplug.

You may be asking what is Pogoplug. Well to put it simple its similar to Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and Copy. But it has a twist. It allows you to put your local files on your laptop or PC out on the cloud with out needing to sync to the cloud. So its quick and simple.

I mainly use Pogoplug to archive my families photos and videos off the iOS and Andriod devices. Some are as far away as Zimbabwe and Pogoplug works a treat. These are copied over to a local server I have at home. Which I then backup using CrashPlan. Yip a backup of the backup.  

So you say why to a local server at home? Well mainly because I then use Pogoplug for another great need in the home. I have archived my DVD collection which I can stream via the Pogoplug app on my device. I then can push this over to my TV via my Apple TV. So I have a true media server and no need to fiddle with DVD disc's or if we out and about can easily access the store which is a bonus! 

Right now back to why I love Pogoplug! They have just updated their iOS app to support music playlists! Yes so this means all my music I have on my Pogoplug storage can now be easily arranged and accessed the way I want too. THANK YOU POGOPLUG! Now I can stop paying for iTunes Match. The other bonus is my playlists are sync'd to my other devices! So wifie can now listen to my music (as I do have great taste in music). This to me is huge and will keep me as a proud Pogoplug user for years to come!

Pogoplug have other updates like Albums for photo's, updated music player, multi file share and more. Head over here for the full run down.

Right off to fill my playlists!


Could this be the end of paper newspapers? – PressReader mobile app

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you could just get the newspaper as it is in the paper form but digitally? Not just a web formatted version with silly adverts you have to click out of?

Well the answer is yes. Now you can get the paper newspaper exactly as you would in the shops but digitally on your mobile device. Not only do you get access to newspapers in the UK or USA, you also get access to many newspapers around the world.

This is a brilliant idea giving you access to your favourite newspaper weather you at home, on the move or in another country. Access is instant as soon as they are made available online. So no more waiting till the shop gets delivery or till you get home to read the newspaper.

Subscription prices start from US $0.99 per issue to US $29.95 per month for unlimited plan. Unlimited plan gives you access to about 2,200 newspapers from 97 countries in 54 languages. There are corporate plans available too.

So how do you get access to this great digital library of newspapers? Easy, just by downloading the app PressReader for the mobile platform of your choice. With most major mobile platforms supported and if you don’t have a mobile device then you can use it on your PC or Mac via a browser.

There is no talk of Kindle release yet though am sure this will come at some point.

Right now if you will excuse me I have a newspaper to read… happy reading!